sugar spheres with layering technology

Manufacturing of sugar spheres with layering technology

sugar spheres with layering is a unique technology for loading of Solid Drug Layering powder active directly on Non Peril Seeds (NPS) in less time and efficient manner. The whole process involves is twin screw Powder Feeder on load cell to load the active, solution tank with strirrer and load cell & drum (it can be jacketed / non jacketed) with Solid Drug layering plate. The process is very simple we will put NPS on the layering plate and rotate the plate at particular RPM, simultaneously we will start flow of solution, the NPS will start to get wet at the same movement we will start with active in solid form flow in to the Solid Drug layering plate and due to wetness on NPS it will attract the powder to start with layering and due to centrifugal force applied the layering will be in pellet / sphere form. A cyclone separator is attached to the main unit to remove the dust generation in the equipment.

sugar spheres with layering can be aqueous based / solvent as the parameter demands, Solid Drug Layering is available both in Non Flame Proof Design & Flame Proof Design. sugar spheres with layering is available in R&D scale with capacity of 1 to 3 kgs batches, Production scale from 60 to 80 kgs batches.

Since the mechanism is very simple operating cost is far less compared to using Fluid Bed technology which involves running the equipment for long hours costing high and at the same time due to fluidization loss of active is more, in return Solid Drug Layering is very cost effective and reproducible with minimum loss age of active.


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